Some Things About C47

C47 is a new dynamic production company in the North West of Ireland. Based in Letterkenny, this company aims to provide you with the complete production package for every event.

Theatre, Music, Conference or Dance entertainment, we aim to provide you with everything you need for the production, so that you, the client, can get on with what you do best: enjoying yourself.

What We Provide: AT C47 we are aware that taking on a show in the first place can be an incredibly stressful time.

Each client has separate needs but one aim: to put on the best show possible, with whatever budget is available. With comparable and competitive rates


“Fantastic facilitation by C47! They make it easy for us to ensure that everything runs smoothly."
Jack Welch
“C47 are fantastic people to work with. They showed real commitment to the event and no problem was too big for them.”
Alison McBrian

What We Do

  • Lighting

    C47 has the experience, entusiasm and skill to make your prodcution special for you.

    We can provide control desks and operators for your show: ranging from a basic 6 channel single pre-set controller to a fully programmable digital systems. We cna tour extra dimming and power cables to add to your installed equipment. We also provide a full range of additional control equipment, DMX splitters, lighting stands and socapex.

    We can provide, a full lighting rig, design to make your show look just the way you want it to. Mixing LED lighting equipment (to keep your costs down), intelligent lighting and generic theatre lanterns, we can provide you with the exact product you need at very competitive prices.

    Drawing from a experienced crew and staff, both in standard theatre, musicals and dance we understand the sensitivity of the right lighting for the right time, so that we can make your show the best, no matter how large or small the budget.
  • Sound

    C47 are able to provide you with the complete sound package for you show.

    For musical theatre we can provide radio mics, handheld mics and full p.a. and monitors, as well as a competent and experienced sound engineer to operate.

    We can provide sound effects and standard playback for each show as part of our standard package.



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